Below is an explanation and a list of the cemeteries involved in this removal project:

On October 12, 1866 the Common Council of Albany, NY met and adopted a resolution

"Whereas, The burying grounds between State and Hudson streets have not been used as a place of internment for several years, and they have been almost entirely neglected, the fences being destroyed, and the grounds used for pasturing purposes; and,

Whereas, This desecration of so sacred a spot is in the highest degree discreditable to the city authorities and the churches interested; therefore,

Resolved, That a Special Committee of five be appointed by his Honor the Mayor, to confer with the Trustees of the various Churches holding possession of and interested in the grounds for burial purposes, with a view to cause the removal of the remains of the neglected dead to cemeteries where they can be properly interred and cared for in a suitable manner." (Adopted)"

"December 31, 1866:

In order to afford to every person interested, all the information possible, the Common Council, through their Committee, have employed competent persons to copy the inscriptions upon the tombstones remaining in the grounds referred to, and have taken every means in their power of discovering who are the actual tenants of theses neglected domains.

It is confidently believed that this labor has been faithfully performed, and a correct result secured.

The names transcribed have been carefully arranged under the heading of their respective religious denominations, and are hereto annexed."




Each cemetery contains a list of the markers that were inventoried.  Some were omitted by me because they lacked any information that would identify the person buried.  Some were included only because they contained some information that could be of value to the researcher.

The entries in the pages are arranged alphabetically by surname within each cemetery and is listed in the first column, the second column contains the information provided about the burial, the third column contains the available dates.  



African Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery

Baptist Church Cemetery

Garretson Station Cemetery

First Universalist Church Cemetery

Catholic Church Cemetery

Dutch Reformed Church Cemetery

Ebenezer Lutheran Church Cemetery

Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery

Potters Field

Second Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Albany Society of Friends Cemetery

St. Peter's Episcopal Church Cemetery

Third Presbyterian Church Cemetery

United Presbyterian Church Cemetery

First Presbyterian Church Cemetery